Evaluation of our survey on the situation of shoe repair

In spring 2022, the Anschu(h)b team launched a survey among shoemakers in Germany, which had a very high participation of 130 people thanks to the good networking with colleagues.

The aim of this survey was to gain an insight into the current situation of shoe repair in Germany in order to develop strategies based on this that can strengthen repair in the future.

The following key findings were evaluated from the survey results:

  • On average, fewer shoes are repaired than in the previous years, partly due to corona repairs predominate
  • Original materials are rarely needed to carry out a repair
  • More leather shoes are repaired than sneakers, as the cost of the repair is often not worth it compared to buying a new shoe
  • Informing consumers about shoe repair is rated as very important
  • Cooperations with shoe manufacturers and suppliers exist only in part, but are desirable
  • In contrast, the interest in cooperating with repair cafés is low
  • General demands are made: the strengthening of the internal craftsmen* network, the education of civil society on shoe repair, economic incentives to promote repair, guidelines for shoe materials.

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