Resource Paper – “Where the shoe pinches”

Thanks to the competent project support from Ökopol, we can now publish the research paper on the resource consumption of shoes.

“Large quantities of shoes are consumed around the world and in Germany every year. Germany is one of the top 10 consumers of shoes, with a share of around 2% of global shoe consumption. In 2020 around 380 million pairs of shoes were available for sale in Germany, which corresponds to a market supply of around 4.57 pairs of shoes per person. In the years before the covid-19 pandemic, this amount was around 5.5 pairs of shoes per person. However, concrete data on how many shoes were actually bought in Germany per person and year is not known. A recovery in the shoe market and a further increase in sales volumes is expected for 2021 – the actual figures for 2021 are not yet available to the authors of this short study.”

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